12 March

TypeEngine and Tugboat Yards – Revolutionizing Periodical Subscription Models

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Producing a digital publication used to be an either/or proposition: you either offered native in app subscriptions OR web subscriptions, readers couldn’t choose. Those days are gone. TypeEngine now offers integrated digital subscriptions for both web and native. This allows your subscribers to begin their subscription and reading on the web, seamlessly transfer to your […]

6 March

Creating a Community of Smart Healthy Women

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Estelle Williams is working intently to make Smart Healthy Women Magazine a positive publication that keeps women informed on how to make their lives better with every decision. What motivated you to start this magazine? I started Smart Healthy Women Magazine to create a community and haven for women to empower them to make better […]

28 February

Feature Spotlight: Story Stream

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One of the new features made available in the latest update to our apps is Story Stream. It allows seamless reading for your publication’s subscribers. How Does Story Stream Work? When a reader gets to the end of an article in your app, rather than navigating to the next article via the menu, a reader […]

27 February

The Curiosity Behind Second-guessing the Obvious with Caesura Letters

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Looking for a magazine that explored ideas, concepts and assumptions, but was practical, was part of the motivation behind James Shelley’s creation of Caesura Letters. What motivated you to start this magazine? In 2012, I found myself looking for a general interest magazine that filled three basic criteria: I wanted to read about the history […]

16 January

TypeEngine Releases New Version – Epic Winter Storm

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TypeEngine Releases Version 1.3 (Codename, “Epic Winter Storm”) TypeEngine, the Seattle-based digital publishing platform, has released version 1.3, codenamed: “Epic Winter Storm” – bringing new features, advanced design capabilities, and enterprise-level support to the popular lightweight digital publishing platform. In the past six months, over 1100 publishers have signed up to use TypeEngine. The new […]