15 March

Launch partner Thomas Deneuville talks tech, Tahiti and TypeEngine

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Could lovers of new classical music ever find common ground with fans of indie rock? Since 2010 they have, through the blog I Care If You Listen. The blog started as the thesis of Thomas Deneuville, a French-born, Tahiti-raised engineering graduate who flew to New York six years ago to learn music. Deneuville not only […]

18 February

TypeEngine chooses 12 publishers to create iPad/iPhone-optimized magazines

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Seattle, WA –┬áTypeEngine, an Apple Newsstand publishing platform, released the names of its launch partners prior to its roll-out in Q2 2013. TypeEngine is part of the growing movement toward micropublishing and subcompact publishing, where magazines are specifically designed for digital platforms and their unique requirements. Previously, digital magazines were designed with print aesthetics in […]