24 April

TypeEngine’s first standalone app is Economia Info

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Economia Info aims to offer its readers quick access to economics and business news on a daily basis. Written entirely in Portuguese, Economia Info takes full advantage of TypeEngine’s localization capabilities. It is also TypeEngine’s first official standalone app and first app to publish new content daily. We are excited to introduce you to Economia […]

3 April

Graphic Knowledge Offers More Than Just Comics

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Graphic Knowledge the Magazine, published by S. Brady Calhoun, Tony Simmons and Robert Heath, may seem to only be about comics and the culture surrounding them. But as is written in their “Intro” article, “Graphic Knowledge is also a place for in-depth interviews with interesting people, intense disagreements about imaginary things and stories about all […]

20 March

“Curated, Consumable, No Murdering of the Rain Forest”

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The Fog Horn, published by Quinn Emmett, features captivating fictional short stories by an international team of writers whose work has previously been featured in publications such as McSweeney’s, The New Yorker, and Huffington Post. Each issue is limited to four original short stories. This helps on-the-go readers absorb each complete issue without experiencing reader’s […]

13 March

Alpha Efficiency Challenges You to Do More

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Darren Tong is one half of the creative team behind Alpha Efficiency Magazine.  He and Bojan Dordevic produce the monthly magazine aimed at offering “insights for purposeful living.”  Darren is based in the UK and also has a full-time job as a senior manager delivering change projects for a large financial services firm.  Bojan recently moved from […]

6 March

Creating a Community of Smart Healthy Women

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Estelle Williams is working intently to make Smart Healthy Women Magazine a positive publication that keeps women informed on how to make their lives better with every decision. What motivated you to start this magazine? I started Smart Healthy Women Magazine to create a community and haven for women to empower them to make better […]