12 March

TypeEngine and Tugboat Yards – Revolutionizing Periodical Subscription Models

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Producing a digital publication used to be an either/or proposition: you either offered native in app subscriptions OR web subscriptions, readers couldn’t choose. Those days are gone. TypeEngine now offers integrated digital subscriptions for both web and native. This allows your subscribers to begin their subscription and reading on the web, seamlessly transfer to your […]

16 January

TypeEngine Releases New Version – Epic Winter Storm

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TypeEngine Releases Version 1.3 (Codename, “Epic Winter Storm”) TypeEngine, the Seattle-based digital publishing platform, has released version 1.3, codenamed: “Epic Winter Storm” – bringing new features, advanced design capabilities, and enterprise-level support to the popular lightweight digital publishing platform. In the past six months, over 1100 publishers have signed up to use TypeEngine. The new […]

8 January

Envato To Launch TypeEngine ThemeForest Themes Category

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We are very excited to announce that our partners at Envato have launched TypeEngine Themes on the ThemeForest marketplace. You can purchase and download designer themes from their site today, and start publishing immediately. Check out the incredible custom designs available now – It has never been easier to start publishing on Apple’s iOS Newsstand! Check out the […]

4 November

TypeEngine goes global

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Localization has been one of your biggest requests to date. That’s why we’ve added 11 more languages to our roster for a total of 14 and counting. Your TypeEngine magazine will automatically detect the default language of the device being used and translate the buttons and setting labels into that language. The content remains in whatever […]

8 October

So Much Awesome

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New, fantastic TypeEngine magazines keep rolling in! Here’s a quick round-up of some of the latest magazines. You might want to grab a cup of coffee and take a seat, this list is long! Great British Food Recipes: I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t an oxymoron. Each issue contains in excess of 50 seasonal […]