25 March

Why I’m making a magazine for non-nerds

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Guest post by Rick Stawarz. If you’ve ever been to an Apple store, you’ve no doubt seen the area where customers learn about their new Mac from an Apple trainer. Up until three years ago, I was one of those trainers. Apple was an adventurous place to work, but I’ve since left and started my […]

22 March

Designing your digital publication cover? Keep these technical specs in mind

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Newsstand icons are unique. Rather than the traditional square app icon, your Newsstand cover icon is rectangular and can be either landscape or portrait orientation. Newsstand’s intent is for portrait orientation to be used for magazines and landscape to be used for newspapers. When you use portrait orientation, iOS automatically adds the appearance of multiple […]

18 February

TypeEngine chooses 12 publishers to create iPad/iPhone-optimized magazines

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Seattle, WA –┬áTypeEngine, an Apple Newsstand publishing platform, released the names of its launch partners prior to its roll-out in Q2 2013. TypeEngine is part of the growing movement toward micropublishing and subcompact publishing, where magazines are specifically designed for digital platforms and their unique requirements. Previously, digital magazines were designed with print aesthetics in […]