CRAFTED Magazine Issue Cover

CRAFTED Magazine was inspired by our love for things that are still made the hard way, by hand. Fewer and fewer items are being produced this way with the introduction of new technology and cheap labor. While handmade goods are generally more expensive, they are also typically of the utmost quality, oftentimes lasting a lifetime.

If you value these products as we do, we encourage you to read and support our magazine. We will be featuring interviews with some of the fine folks who started companies who still produce items by hand, and we will also be showcasing some of our favorite items from these manufacturers.

We have written about and plan to write about the following:

• Craft beer and breweries
• Wineries
• Coffee roasters
• Craft distillers
• Spirit reviews
• Handmade clothing, footwear, and accessories
• Handmade bicycles
• Music reviews
• Musical instruments
• Audio equipment (headphones, turntables, speakers)
• Home décor
• Lifestyle topics such as pipe makers, handcrafted beauty products, etc.

We have a strong focus on Made in USA products, as we believe keeping jobs and our dollars in the American economy is of utmost importance. It helps this country thrive, and also reduces carbon emissions caused by global shipping.

Our first issue debuted in January 2014. The magazine will be 100% digital at launch, available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and web. There is no free content on CRAFTED, we are user supported. To continue to provide you with the best possible content, we need a budget to be able to travel, reinvest in costs, etc. Thank you for your support.

Issues published every two months.