“This Bay Area journal is something people have been waiting for for fifty years, whether they knew it or not.”
-Greil Marcus in the Believer

Radio Silence is a media company based in San Francisco, focused on literature and rock & roll.

In each monthly issue, you’ll find four or five pieces—a selection of interviews, journalism, songs, memoirs, book and record reviews, fiction, poetry, podcasts, films, and illustrations from a line-up of the best authors, musicians, and artists. Some of the pieces land on the literature side; some are focused on rock & roll; and some walk the line between the two art forms.

Along with our monthly digital edition, we publish a biannual print magazine, available through our website, www.maintainradiosilence.com, and select stores nationwide, and we put on live events with writers and musicians.

There’s also a 501(c)3 nonprofit element to Radio Silence, as we do our part to help create the next generation of artists and audiences. When you subscribe to this magazine, a portion of your payment will be set aside to buy books and musical instruments for under-served youth. If we can help inspire a few kids to want to be the next Buddy Holly or Langston Hughes—if we can help ignite some sparks—that ain’t a bad thing.

“Radio Silence is the bar we all wish we had in the neighborhood. Great jukebox, terrific conversation, and a few things to read quietly with a nightcap when the hour grows late.”
—Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket)

This magazine is created for you and supported by you. You’ll encounter no advertisements or commercials in Radio Silence—instead, we rely on the sale of subscriptions and individual issues to keep this thing afloat and pay our contributors, artists, and designers.

We don’t accept unsolicited submissions, but we’re always happy to hear from readers.

“If the Paris Review were starting today, it would be called Radio Silence. And if Melville were starting today, Radio Silence is where he’d want to be. How many journals can you say that about? And how many others do you read cover to cover?”
—David Ives

Issues published monthly.