Discover the pleasure of learning English with Yes Magazine+. Yes’s app is a re-designed version of Your English Supplement magazine created especially for the iPad and iPhone. It includes all of the content found in the print edition (136 pages + one hour’s audio), as well as iPad- and iPhone-only features.

– EMBEDDED AUDIO: each volume includes all of the audio files which can be played while reading the magazine.

– EXERCISES: the magazine includes access to around 30 varied exercises to practise and reinforce the vocabulary, grammar and listening in the magazine. There is a link to download a print version of the exercises if you prefer.

– LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF FOOTNOTES: Yes has the most extensive, thorough and rigorous footnoting of any English-learning material at a tap of the screen. These footnotes appear next to each section of corresponding text. They help you with stress, pronunciation and synonymy. The easy-English definitions mean that learning is dynamic. You’ll never have to use a dictionary as all the difficult vocabulary is explained in context.

– RELEVANT VIDEO LINKS: once you have read an article and understand the central vocabulary of the topic, take the matter further with carefully selected relevant video (and audio) links.

– EASY NAVIGATION: navigate the magazine freely and easily using the special navigation menu.

Learning English has never been so interesting. Discover the pleasure of learning with Yes Magazine+.


Issues published monthly.