26 July

4 Tips To Get Your Magazine Read

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You have a terrific magazine idea. You’ve lined up writers. You’ve shaped the editorial direction. You’re getting close to submitting your app. What’s missing? An audience! What can you do to get the word out about your upcoming magazine? When is the appropriate time to start generating buzz? Set a launch date you can control […]

15 July


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HUZZAH! Are you ready to get your magazine on?! Sign up on our home page! There’s no charge to start drafting your awesomeness! As you begin creating your magazine, feel free to reference our support site for help articles and support tickets or email us at Support@TypeEngine.net. The support site will be continuously updated with […]

9 July

Issue 2 of Bright Wall/Dark Room is out!

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It’s good. Real good. “And so this second issue revolves around entering strange and unfamiliar worlds, a swan dive into the surreal. In the pieces that follow, you’ll visit many places: dilapidated hotel rooms, ancient Roman battlefields, a monastery built on top of an island in France, a dream-like version of New York City at […]

1 July

Are you ready to make a magazine?

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TypeEngine will officially open to public beta in 2 tiny weeks!!! Get your creative juices going and start coming up with content now. We’ll send you all the details to make that greatness into a Newsstand magazine on Monday, July 15th! So. Excited. There will be no fee to start drafting content and experimenting with […]

1 July

Matthew Guay’s TechInch Magazine is now in Newsstand!

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Want to find out how to get the most out of your gadgets, discover the best apps to download today, and find out how technology can better fit into your life? That’s exactly what you’ll find in the Techinch Magazine. “It’s a tech magazine that won’t be too geeky, one that’ll be interesting for everyone.” […]