24 April

TypeEngine’s first standalone app is Economia Info

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Economia Info aims to offer its readers quick access to economics and business news on a daily basis. Written entirely in Portuguese, Economia Info takes full advantage of TypeEngine’s localization capabilities. It is also TypeEngine’s first official standalone app and first app to publish new content daily. We are excited to introduce you to Economia […]

13 April

A Note About the Heartbleed Bug

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Last Tuesday news spread about the discovery of a major OpenSSL vulnerability that has affected large portions of the Internet. This bug, called Heartbleed, made it possible to access encrypted data passed between web browsers and affected servers. The good news is that TypeEngine does not directly use OpenSSL technology, so we are not directly […]

3 April

Graphic Knowledge Offers More Than Just Comics

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Graphic Knowledge the Magazine, published by S. Brady Calhoun, Tony Simmons and Robert Heath, may seem to only be about comics and the culture surrounding them. But as is written in their “Intro” article, “Graphic Knowledge is also a place for in-depth interviews with interesting people, intense disagreements about imaginary things and stories about all […]