10 December

Question everything with Hades United

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You’ve heard of stepping outside the box. Fernando Contreras wants you to do more than that with Hades United. Push past all your boundaries and expectations, not only in literature, but in life with this brand new publication. Hades United is designed to make its readers think, explore, question, search and solve problems in the […]

16 November

Toronto’s largest online film magazine now has a mobile app

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With the growing number of independent films made in her city and her own love for movies, Trista DeVries decided to create Toronto Film Scene to bring focus to what was happening as the film industry evolved in Toronto. Read all about what TFS plans to offer lovers of film and film culture with their […]

2 November

Fictuary serves up Feed Me Fiction

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We chatted up the team at Fictuary as they expand Feed Me Fiction for iOS and Android. Read all about their publishing plans and what really makes them stand out from other short stories apps. Tell us about your project: what’s it called, what’s it about, and where did the idea come from? Our magazine […]

16 June

Dear Apple – Thank you for dropping Newsstand

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Dear Apple, We just wanted to say thank you for realizing what our publishers have known for a while now – Newsstand was not the best place to have their content. And it’s not you, it’s us. Well, actually… no, it was you. We love making TypeEngine apps for iOS. But for a while now, we’ve been […]

1 April

Link: How to Start a Magazine

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A great take from Steve Daniels, one of the minds behind Makeshift, on the process behind creating a magazine as a product. “By the end of this piece, you’ll understand that ‘How do I start a magazine?’ is actually the wrong question to ask.” Read more here.