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Estelle Williams

Estelle Williams is working intently to make Smart Healthy Women Magazine a positive publication that keeps women informed on how to make their lives better with every decision.

What motivated you to start this magazine?

I started Smart Healthy Women Magazine to create a community and haven for women to empower them to make better and well-formed choices so that they could enrich their lives in all its facets.

I was a little jaded with the offerings in women’s magazines that seem to promise the world in results – especially with health, fitness and relationships – but that actually delivered very little on that promise. I wanted to create a space where women could trust that they would be looked after and not looked down on, which I think is a problem in the mainstream media targeted at women today. And so I created this magazine where I gather the best in real strategies from experts from around the world who are as passionate about women’s well-being as I am.

It has been a real pleasure working on this project and I am dedicated to its success and the opportunity to create meaningful change in the world.

Describe your average reader.

My average reader is a woman who wants more for herself, her family and her friends. She knows that we are living in a rich information age, and yet sifting through the noise of shallow promises and half-baked ideas has left her feeling a little lost and helpless as to whom to trust. She is smart and kind and optimistic for the future of the world and loves to uplift herself by focusing on what she can do to make her life better.

How do you plan on reaching new readers?

I am currently using a combined strategy of advertising, promotions, social media and publicity strategies. There are always new ways opening up via technological advances, which make the whole concept of One World very exciting to me.

My vision for my magazine has always been a global one – how could it not be? I am very future-oriented.

How do you see your magazine evolving over the next few months and years?

I see my magazine continuously connecting women who are looking for positive answers to the big questions in their lives with the experts who can deliver those answers and who are invested in the success of their readers. There is enormous scope in the world now for practical advice, real-time strategies and opportunities for growth. I really feel we are on the cutting edge of explosive growth in both opportunity and consciousness.

How long have you been publishing? Is this your first magazine?

I have a background in coaching, consulting and information technology, so putting this magazine together seemed like a natural transition. I began this magazine as an online website magazine format and honestly didn’t think I would publish as a digital magazine. The digital magazines I had seen up to this point were too much like the glossies I was trying to steer away from – they were awkward to use on a mobile device and didn’t put enough respect into the platforms they were designed to be housed on.

The online magazine still exists at and I plan to keep both this site and the digital publication running for years to come. There is no lack of a need for quality information and the number of people who are accelerating their delivery of that information will only increase as time moves forward. It is a perfect match and so it is a very exciting time.

How do you define the success of your magazine?

I define the success of Smart Healthy Women Magazine in terms of the feedback and demand I receive from readers. Practically everyone I have spoken to about this magazine and its concept has been enthusiastic and passionate about its positive focus and I look forward to touching many more women’s lives with this publication.

What other magazines do you like? Digital/Print?

My favourite print magazine would be Wellbeing Magazine, although to be honest I do not go so much for the printed material anymore. The digital platform is so much more convenient, and is also more environmentally friendly.

Happiness + Wellbeing is a very impressive publication, and {This Girl Means} Business is also a favourite, although both of these magazines don’t have the advantages of the TypeEngine platform. It is because of the ease of use, the passion of the support team and the quality of the platform that makes it a real joy to work on, and I look forward to continued success into the future with Smart Healthy Women Magazine and TypeEngine.

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