The menu system is controlled via CSS-like JSON properties. The JSON can be uploaded on the Publication > Design screen in the TypeEngine web console. For more information on applicable settings for each area of your app, select an app area below:

Using Custom Menu Fonts

Custom fonts may be used by supplying the publicly accessible URL of each font file in the customFonts property. The first time a reader opens your app with a network connection, the fonts will be loaded along with the rest of the app styling JSON properties.

"customFonts": ["", ""]
Using Standard iOS Menu Fonts

You can use any iOS standard font anywhere in your app styling JSON (or any article template for that matter) by referencing the font name used by iOS. iOS Fonts does a terrific job tracking each iOS version’s available system fonts. Thanks Michael Critz! Example:

"issueTitle": {
    "name": "Avenir-Heavy",
    "size": 24

Set alignment to left (0), center (1), or right (2).

"issueCellTitleAlignment": 0