TypeEngine For Colleges and Universities

Over 50% of TypeEngine magazine app use takes place a mobile phone instead of tablets.

• Enhances successful existing school publications
• Offers a budget-friendly mobile solution
• Encourages education as teaching tool for digital publishing
• Supports Literary Departments and their initiatives

Reach your institutional and educational goals by delivering high quality content in a format that your audience can read whenever and wherever. Add impact to your message by customizing your iOS, Android and Web apps with your school’s brand. Offer premium content found only in your app that includes photos, audio, videos and links back to your website.

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Why You'll Love TypeEngine

  • Super Simple Workflow

    PDF's are an inflexible production nightmare. With TypeEngine, create your publications' templates once and your content automatically adapts to whatever device it is being viewed with and in any orientation.

  • Content is King

    No clunky, pinch/zoom/squint fiascos or slow download times. Just easy to read bliss and the ability to download anytime and anywhere over a cell connection.

  • Completely Customizable

    Use built-in themes that support audio, video, ads, slideshows and images. Change the look of your theme via HTML/CSS to match existing publication formats and colors.

  • You Own Your Publications

    Your organization has full control over pricing, subscriptions, and publishing schedule, and your app is published under your organization's name.

  • Preview Natively

    Download the TypeEngine Preview app to see your revisions on an actual device before your publications go live. Need to change something? No problem. Make an edit and preview it again in seconds.

  • Analytics Support

    Google Analytics support is built in. Get insight into how your app is being used, what content is most popular, and where to focus promotional efforts.

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We Aren't Prejudiced

iOS? Android? Web-based? With TypeEngine, you choose your platforms. Many of our publishers are using all three. After all, making your publications easily accessible is the goal!