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Feature Spotlight: Web Reader

TypeEngine is dedicated to creating beautiful digital reading experiences. The only thing separating anyone from a quality subscription-based publishing app is writing the content.

We decided, though, that you should have a way to share your content outside your apps. A way for you to use your content to market your app, and a way for readers to read anywhere.

The Web as a Platform

TypeEngine’s primary platform is iOS (iPhone and iPad), with the ability to publish for Newsstand or as a standalone app. Android apps are coming. But we’re announcing right now the web as a first-class content delivery platform.

Integration with stores such as Tugboat Yards and Stripe let you monetize your content beyond the Apple App Store. You can provide, sell, and build your reader base completely on the web. Or you can make web access a free add-on to drive subscription sales to your app.

The Web as a Marketing Tool

The web reader, for a small cost, can be made instantly available as a reading platform. However all TypeEngine publications automatically get a specialized version of the web reader as a marketing engine to drive sales.

I Care if You Listen - Web Reader

Design once, publish as apps and on the web.

How? Thanks to the web reader the idea of ‘shared content’ is now enhanced; you can link to an article on the web reader and it will show only partial content, then invite the reader to finish reading by subscribing to your magazine. Yet your shared content now looks and feels like your iOS app, so readers get a taste of the reading experience they will have.

Honesty is the best marketing policy, and getting people to subscribe to your magazine means sharing some of your best stuff first. So share out your best content (without giving it all away), whet readers appetite, and drive subscriptions.

Design Once, Publish Much

The beauty of the web as a first-class platform is that you only need to design and write your articles once. The same design process that defines your iPhone/iPad app, also defines the design of your web app. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the web experience looks and feels exactly like your installed app, no extra work required.

Design touches like sliding footnotes, issue and article menus, and identical article appearances help the web reading experience to be as enjoyable as an app’s.

If you already have a TypeEngine app, the web reader is practically ready to go as well. If you don’t, you won’t be doing double work to get your content out across as many avenues as possible.

Write Online, Read Online

We’re excited to announce the TypeEngine Web Reader version 3! Your content ideas are great (we’ve seen a lot of them!) they deserve to be shared across as wide an audience, and couched in as beautiful a chrome, as possible. We hope you find the web reader useful, and we wish you the best in your publishing efforts!

Written by Tony Alicea, software designer and UX designer for The Smyth Group