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Graphic Knowledge - Issue 10 Cover

Published twice a month with four or five stories per issue.

Graphic Knowledge the Magazine, published by S. Brady Calhoun, Tony Simmons and Robert Heath, may seem to only be about comics and the culture surrounding them. But as is written in their “Intro” article, “Graphic Knowledge is also a place for in-depth interviews with interesting people, intense disagreements about imaginary things and stories about all kinds of stories.”

With their goal of creating a magazine in App Store reached, Calhoun, Simmons and Heath are looking to offer a publication for unique new voices in the world of comics. Read more about Graphic Knowledge the Magazine below and don’t forget to download the sample issue today!

What motivated you to start this magazine?

We wanted to write about the things we love. Comics, movies, television, creators and creativity. We’re two journalists and a school teacher who decided to make a magazine that we hope will add something interesting and new to discussions about web comics, indie comics, mainstream comics and movies and TV based on those comics. We also thought we would get rich.

Describe your average reader.

Our average reader loves Calvin and Hobbes, Firefly, and at least one Marvel movie, probably Captain America: The First Avenger. Or our average reader loves Battlestar Galactica, Lone Wolf and Cub and Doctor Who. Perhaps they love wrestling, not for the violence but for the storytelling. Our average reader feels very much at home at a comic book convention in costume or in street clothes.

How do you plan on reaching new readers?

We’re sharing our story on Twitter @gknowledgemag, on Facebook and in a semi-regular podcast.

How do you see your magazine evolving over the next few months and years?

We publish two issues a month and the partners do all the work. We’d like to expand, hire writers and artists, perhaps be a home for unique new voices in comics. But that’s up to our subscribers. We need them to support us before we can find out just how far we can go.

Picture of S. Brady Calhoun, Tony Simmons, and Rob Heath

Pictured left to right: S. Brady Calhoun, Tony Simmons, and Rob Heath

How long have you been publishing? Is this your first magazine?

This is our first magazine. We have been publishing for about four months.

How do you define the success of your magazine?

Having a magazine in the App Store was the first real success. Everything after that – meeting new people, talking to interesting creators and connecting with a larger community – is cake after the meal.

What other magazines do you like? Digital/Print?

Wizard, Bleeding Cool, Ain’t it Cool, The New York Times, The Loop Magazine, The Magazine, Rolling Stone.

A monthly subscription to Graphic Knowledge the Magazine is $1.99 and includes two issues and access to all back issues. Subscribe today!

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