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Hollywood! Interviewed, published by Duncan Welch and PaperCut Media, includes three exclusive, personal, in-depth interviews with Hollywood’s leading movie stars. Each issue also features two or three articles on movie news, trends and awards.

“The aim of the magazine is to offer a look at the lives and work of Hollywood’s leading actors and actresses – and to do so in a clean, simple format made for mobile devices. Hollywood insight at your fingertips.”

Duncan produces consumer and business magazines for the European market, and is currently based in Budapest.

What motivated you to start this magazine?

A merging of personal interests and professional contacts. I love movies, and my family and friends love them too. I have a ridiculously large DVD collection at home, and hard drives full to the brim. In my career I’ve had the chance to meet people connected to the film industry and so I also developed an interest in how movies are made, getting to know the people behind them and, on occasion, the people who star in them. Through my work in print publishing I’ve met writers who regularly interview those in the movie industry.

Combining my interest, my contacts and a desire to extend my publishing portfolio to mobile devices, I knew I wanted to create something offering good, long interviews with movie stars, but presented in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format that could be consumed either at home or on the go.

Describe your average reader.

No particular demographic – so no specific age, gender, ethnicity or nationality. The reader will be someone who loves movies and wants to hear more about actors and actresses, in their own words. The reader is the movie-going public, the people who visit the cinema and download movies from iTunes. If you enjoy film, and want to know more, now you can – and that information’s on the iPad in your bag or the iPhone in your pocket.

The reader is someone who wants to gets to know Angelina Jolie while commuting on the train or bus; someone who is interested in understanding Michael Fassbender’s film choices and gets to learn more about this as they sit on a park bench and eat a lunchtime sandwich.

How do you plan on reaching new readers?

We have a digital marketing strategy in place, but in these early days it will surely be subject to change – reader acquisition and retention is a tricky subject, whether for print or digital products, so a proactive, flexible strategy is needed. We have one, but ask us this question again in 12 months.

Because each issue of the magazine will feature different stars, we will tailor our marketing based on each issue’s content and the potential readers and their location.

How do you see your magazine evolving over the next few months and years?

We have no plans to incorporate advertising (as this will take away from the clean interface and add distractions – something we want to avoid ) so the magazine’s evolution will depend purely on the number of subscribers. The more we have, the more content we can offer, and offer for the same price or less. If enough people support the project, then we’d like to double the current number of interviews (from three to six) and articles too (upping them to five or six). We’ve thought about maybe including some competitions and giving away tickets to special screenings around the world, etc. We have many ideas for add-ons, expanding to affinity groups, collaborations, etc.

Hollywood! InterviewedHow long have you been publishing? Is this your first magazine?

I’ve been working in the publishing industry for 17 years. I started as a journalist and today work as an Editor in Chief and Publisher for a number of print products; some being luxury magazines for our company and partners, and some are B2C and B2B magazine projects delivered for clients throughout Europe. This is my first magazine that is purely for mobile devices, however.

How do you define the success of your magazine?

When you start a new magazine one of the most important rules, one that is so often missed (or overlooked and later forgotten) is to create a magazine that you, the publishing team, want to read; to create something you yourselves would buy, indeed, feel the need to buy. The success of Hollywood! Interviewed will be defined by us creating a product that we would want to download and read each month.

What other magazines do you like?

I’m a big fan of magazines that demonstrate a passion for the printed product. Paper stock, artwork and good use of typography – it matters! So regular reads are Monocle, Fantastic Man, The Gourmand, Lucky Peach, Kinfolk and Little White Lies. Actually, the list goes on and on – I’m a print magazine junkie. Storage at home is becoming an issue these days.

In terms of mobile and digital magazines, I still read The Magazine (an inspiration in this format of publishing) though it is more for the user experience than the actual content. And there are some great titles in the Type Engine stable that I enjoy. Bright Wall/Dark Room is really strong; The Loop helps feed my Apple needs, and I Care if You Listen has simply inspiring content – one of my favorites. All of these take care of my commute to work each day.

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