Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in News

Seattle, WA – TypeEngine, an Apple Newsstand publishing platform, released the names of its launch partners prior to its roll-out in Q2 2013.

TypeEngine is part of the growing movement toward micropublishing and subcompact publishing, where magazines are specifically designed for digital platforms and their unique requirements.

Previously, digital magazines were designed with print aesthetics in mind, sacrificing functionality and user experience.

The first set of magazines to be launched span a wide range of topics and interests. Technology, music, market research, green living and crafting are among the themes represented.

Publishers are located in the US, Thailand and Australia. Where applicable, publication names were also shared. Titles may change closer to launch.

  1. The King’s Tribune
  2. 30 Day BooksThe Write Life
  3. Frank Frank Frank – Frankly
  4. I Am The Lab – The LAB Journal
  5. The Faith Lab – Spare Change
  6. Logic Product Group
  7. Maritz ResearchResearch Forum
  8. Matthew Guay – Techinch
  9. Patrick Rhone
  10. Riccardo Mori
  11. The Mac InstructorThe Newsletter
  12. I Care If You Listen – I Care If You Listen

TypeEngine creates magazine apps that are designed from the ground up for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Publishers own their apps, release magazines under their own names and get subscription fees paid directly to them from Apple.

TypeEngine will also submit apps for Apple’s approval on behalf of publishers, removing an important barrier to entry for independent publishers.

Images, video and audio are supported. TypeEngine’s web console allows writing and editing using MultiMarkdown and a multi-user editing workflow.

“Magazines are categorically not dead,” said Jamie Smyth, founder of the Smyth Group which is developing TypeEngine. “But regurgitating PDFs onto iPads is dead.”

“We are enabling both indie and business publishers to publish magazines optimized for reading on iPhones and iPads. Readers have suffered through slow-to-download, cruft-ridden PDF magazines long enough. We are helping writers and publishers create high quality reading experiences.”

The Smyth Group is based out of Seattle, Washington.