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Photo: Axel Dupeux

Could lovers of new classical music ever find common ground with fans of indie rock?

Since 2010 they have, through the blog I Care If You Listen.

The blog started as the thesis of Thomas Deneuville, a French-born, Tahiti-raised engineering graduate who flew to New York six years ago to learn music.

Deneuville not only earned his degree in composition but discovered that his blog had legs. Soon after launching I Care If You Listen, someone asked to guest post.

The blog now has a team of five regular contributors and 50 writers from the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Austria, France and the Netherlands.

“The vast majority of our 10,000 followers are musicians, and write music too. We post between five to eight times a week, mostly concert reviews, CD reviews, interviews, opinion posts and music technology,” said Deneuville.

I Care If You Listen focuses on contemporary music composed within the last 50 years. Blog traffic is growing, with 10,000 to 15,000 single page views in the past couple of months. Deneuville connects with followers through four social media platforms, including an acclaimed YouTube video series.

Deneuville was among the first to apply to be a launch partner after TypeEngine sent out a call for magazine concepts in February.

“I would curate some content that is not available on the blog or post more comprehensive versions of current content. We could also publish longer articles and address larger issues pertaining to contemporary music: Audience development, current trends in contemporary opera, etc.”

Deneuville is also exploring revenue generation with his TypeEngine magazine. He is looking at subscription fees, advertising, and marketing collaborations with labels and a variety of musical professionals.

As if this doesn’t keep him busy enough, the founder and editor of I Care If You Listen is searching for writers in Asia and the Middle East, most notably Palestine and Syria.

He also hasn’t forgotten his main calling: Music. Deneuville was recently commissioned to write an opera based on Le Mariage de Loti, a 19th century novel set in Tahiti.

“Two composers in the 19th century had written an opera for Loti’s Wedding, but I wanted to rewrite it without the colonial and anti-feminist elements that marked the original work,” he explained.

For the moment though it’s I Care If You Listen, the TypeEngine magazine, that’s keeping Deneuville up at night.

“It’s exciting to know that we can go so much further than what a blog offers us now. We can write longer pieces. We can talk about deeper stuff. We will have the ability to offer a fuller online experience,” the engineer-turned-composer enthused.

“Best of all, people can carry us around with them, all the time. How could a magazine get any better than that?”

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