Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in News

Founder Jill Taft

Living green has come a long way from being a quirky preference — it’s now a logical lifestyle. That’s the belief behind New York-based natural product company Logic Product Group.

Founder Jill Taft started her e-commerce business two years ago. Failing to find chemical-free products for her children, she decided to make her own.

The 100% bootstrapped, word-of-mouth-driven company is now among Amazon’s top 25% product sellers, and occupies a coveted place in the top 1% in consumer ratings.

Logic Product Group has now expanded its offerings to include personal care products for adults, chemical-free products for pets, and natural home solutions. Its lines are sold nationally, not just on Amazon, but also on,, Green Cupboard and select Whole Foods locations. Everything is made in America.


Taft says their customers range from every socio-economic status. “Just the average mom was looking for chemical-free products,” she says. “Our average customers are mothers between the age of 25 to 55, but dads are also buying, as well as pet owners.”

Logic Product Group seized on TypeEngine to create a custom title with a mission: Logical Life, the magazine, will educate consumers about the benefits of living green.

“We’re thinking of a freemium model,” explains managing director Joel Roodman. “We plan to distribute Logical Life as much as possible with no ‘velvet rope’. It’s important to have mass awareness and circulation.”¬†Logic Product Group plans to monetize the magazine through ad sales.

The custom title will be an interesting example of brands evolving into content creators. “It’s going to take the place of our blog,” says managing editor and social media manager Sarah Maryam Moosvi. “We’re using the magazine as a reason to create content that can be pushed to social media. We have a network of bloggers. Logical Life could be a channel for their content and beyond.”

Taft, Roodman and Moosvi are also exploring offshoots of the magazine such as themed events, product launches and Twitter chats.

“Logical Life is a work in progress at this point,” Roodman says. “It’s an exciting sector [publishing] to be in. The magazine won’t be used to just promote products, but to connect with consumers in explaining why green is good.’

Interested in contributing to Logical Life? Managing editor Sarah Maryam Moosvi can be contacted here.