Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in News

salt n peppa push it real good

We have some new features you’re going to love, including:

Customizable Push Notifications

You can now customize the push notification that goes out when you publish a new issue aka push it real good. You can enter that text on the Issue>Metadata screen where you’ll notice the “New Issue Push Notification Message” field.

Editor Role

You can now invite users to work on your magazine as either an Editor or an Admin. The biggest difference between the roles is that if you have more than one magazine, an Editor can only work on the individual publication(s) they are invited to. Also, they don’t have access to billing or inviting other users. More roles are coming soon! See this help article for more info on how to invite users.

Featured Image

Would you like to include a featured image in your articles? Perhaps a large article header image, styled differently than other images in your template? Now you can! Specify the asset to use as the featured image for a particular article on the Article > Featured Image page.

If you’d like to add support for Featured Image in a template you’re creating, check out the dev docs for the low-down.

Support for Featured Image has been added to the default article template.

The full list of new features

  • New mobile-optimized log-in/register screen
  • More in-context help text
  • Support for free subscriptions
  • Ability to specify a default article template for your publication
  • Ability to delete an issue
  • Ability to quickly ask a help question by clicking the orange [?] link in the lower-right corner of the screen
  • Bug fixes

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