• Custom Theme – Scuba Diver Life
  • Sample custom theme created by TypeEngine
  • Sample custom theme – Techinch
  • Custom theme – The Loop Magazine

Custom App Design — $999

Launching a TypeEngine app is even simpler if you hire our talented designers to design it. We offer a custom design package that includes a design consultation, the design of one custom template, the app styling itself, as well as a design review, with a turnaround time as short as one week. All for only $999!

Graphics Add-on Package — $399

For an additional $399, we can create your app’s icon, custom loading image, and cover design template. Just supply us with a high quality version of your logo and we can do the rest!

Additional Templates — $399

Want more than one template? Really make your magazine stand out with a variety of templates. Each additional template we design for your app is only $399.

Need Something More?

TypeEngine is more than just a cookie-cutter solution for your Digital Publishing needs. We’re a full service Digital Publishing Services Consulting Group and would be pleased to discuss any custom design or development needs you may require.

We work closely with our publishers to integrate custom paywalls, develop custom solutions including Right-to-Left reading capabilities, and custom console features. Other publishers have requested direct communication between TypeEngine and their existing CMS, all of which we are happy to help with.

From simple app customization and promotion to complete design services and complimentary website development, TypeEngine has you covered. Contact us today to book a free demonstration of what TypeEngine can do for you.


Want to create your own theme? Check out our dev docs for a helpful guide. You can also download the latest TypeEngine public themes at github.com/typeengine/themes.