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Cinema Terrible Screenshot

Introducing new movie magazine dedicated to the films we love to hate – Cinema Terrible!

Joshua Massre shares his inspiration for this terribly wonderful new magazine:

“I started Cinema Terrible because I love movies. Not just bad movies, but movies of all sorts. The reason I decided to make the magazine specifically about bad movies is because of the community surrounding them. For some people, a bad movie is just as much fun as a good one, and those people really like sharing and writing about those obscure movies. The community loves sharing new discoveries with one another, so a magazine is the perfect channel for fans to share their favorite bad movies with one another.

Cinema Terrible is written entirely by readers and fellow bad movie lovers, so it provides an outlet for people to share their thoughts. Even before the magazine launched, there was a torrent of people asking to write for Cinema Terrible. We’ve already got articles for the first three issues in the pipeline. To me, that shows just how excited people are for the magazine.

The idea to make it an iOS-based magazine is simply because movies are a visual art form and the iPad allows us to do things like embed video and have large, full resolution screenshots.”


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