Posted by on Mar 12, 2014 in News

Producing a digital publication used to be an either/or proposition: you either offered native in app subscriptions OR web subscriptions, readers couldn’t choose. Those days are gone. TypeEngine now offers integrated digital subscriptions for both web and native. This allows your subscribers to begin their subscription and reading on the web, seamlessly transfer to your native apps, and continue their subscription.

To make this happen, we have partnered with Tugboat Yards. Tugboat Yards is a marketplace where publishers can connect with with their readers and receive funding for their work via subscriptions, single issue purchases and ‘Give us support!’ options. With Tugboat Yards and TypeEngine, you can now offer your readers the option of reading in an iOS app or using TypeEngine’s Web Reader.

Want to know how it all works? To quote our friends at Tugboat Yards: “Say you want to sell your digital magazine, The Tugboat Times, on the iOS Newsstand. You would use the TypeEngine platform to create the publication and the individual issues. Then you would use Tugboat to create and manage various subscriptions to make money from the publication. TypeEngine and Tugboat work seamlessly together to manage the production, publication and monetization processes end to end.”

If you’re interested in offering integrated web and native subscriptions for your publication, check out how to start working with Tugboat Yards and TypeEngine today!

Want to give it a try? Give support to TypeEngine publisher Bright Wall/Dark Room Magazine and see this new partnership in action!