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TypeEngine Releases Version 1.3 (Codename, “Epic Winter Storm”)

TypeEngine, the Seattle-based digital publishing platform, has released version 1.3, codenamed: “Epic Winter Storm” – bringing new features, advanced design capabilities, and enterprise-level support to the popular lightweight digital publishing platform. In the past six months, over 1100 publishers have signed up to use TypeEngine. The new release adds additional features and support for existing customers. Additionally, new publishers will appreciate the new web-reader, expanded foreign language support, and ease of use through our unique design UI. Publishers can use TypeEngine to create elegant, user-friendly designs that look good on phones, full size tablets, and computer monitors.

The philosophy behind TypeEngine has been to enable the creation of beautifully simple Newsstand publishing. TypeEngine’s unique publishing platform makes it easy for publishers to get started publishing, yet our advanced features appeal to experienced publishing firms. The UI features allow more advanced designers to exercise their creative muscles – our apps simply look better on tablets and iPhones because our platform was designed from the ground up to display content on portable devices.

Key Features of TypeEngine 1.3:

  • Phone & Tablet & (New for 2014) Web Support – Digital publications that are powered by TypeEngine look good on multiple platforms. Articles scale elegantly between iPhones, iPad minis and full-size iPad tablets. With the release of TypeEngine 1.3, Epic Winter Storm, we now offer web-reader capabilities, so that publications can be viewed in multiple web browsers, and offer login support via WordPress and TugboatYards.
  • Localization & Internationalization – Superior Multi-Language Support: TypeEngine proudly supports over 13 languages with this release. Our customers now span the globe: from North America to Europe to Africa to Asia.
  • Enhanced Subscription & Sales – Publications powered by TypeEngine are now capable of both the sale of individual issues of a publication in addition to subscription options. Publishers now have the capability of marketing back issues at custom price points. Publications powered by TypeEngine now support subscriptions through the web in addition to in-app purchases.
  • Stable & Robust Publishing Platform – Publishing on TypeEngine is cost effective and reliable. Our proven and stable platform allows publishers to focus on what they do best – creating high quality content. Our open API allows enterprise clients the flexibility to create custom software plugins for the platform, including integrations with popular services and file formats. Custom integrations allow for integrations with most other systems.
  • Improved User Experience – TypeEngine now offers “Story Stream” where readers can scroll from one article to the next from within the app.
  • Scalability – Our clients range from established publishing houses to independent publishers looking to create their first digital magazine. Advanced designers appreciate the built-in flexibility of the TypeEngine platform. Publishing houses can manage dozens of publications at one time through our publishing console. Novice designers will marvel at how quickly and easily they are able to create digital magazines. Independent publishers can go live with their ideas far faster than ever imagined.
  • Multi-Author Publishing – Larger publishers will take advantage of the multi-author capabilities, utilizing a team to simultaneously work on individual components of a given publication.
  • Services and Support – TypeEngine also offers a full suite of publishing, development and design services. From custom software plugins to unique design work, TypeEngine can help you build a publication from concept to design to distribution.

Additional TypeEngine 1.3 Release Updates:

  • Performance Fixes
  • Featured Image Capability
  • Persistent Navigation
  • Embeded “Subscribe”
  • Enhanced “Share” Button – More Social Options
  • Integration with Facebook Analytics and Facebook Ads
  • Editor Role
  • Added JSON support
  • Enhanced Localization
  • Background downloading

About TypeEngine:

The TypeEngine platform was created as a collaborative effort between the Smyth Group and Devon Industries. The Seattle-based organization has been helping publishers create elegant digital publications since 2013. With over 1,100 publishers signed up for the service, TypeEngine has quickly established itself as a force in the digital publishing space.